Digital Healthcare Leaders Highlight Technology + Innovation at the 2022 Modern Healthcare Summit: 5 Strategic Areas to Watch

Digital executives and industry innovators from across healthcare came together for two days of thoughtful discussion. Embedding technology into overall healthcare organizational strategy identified as a main driver for healthcare innovation.

Healthcare Organizations Should Rethink Their Technology Approach

Panelists emphasized a technology-first strategy mindset. This agile approach is critical in an ever-changing, fast-paced healthcare landscape.

Investment in technology is imperative to driving change and promoting innovation and transformation within your healthcare delivery model.

“The same things are on all providers and healthcare facilities minds right now. There’s not a CFO out there that’s not worried about wage compression, labor shortages, the lack of Medicare advanced payments from the government due to the pandemic, and so much more. Everyone is looking for ways to improve the quality of care we’re delivering, and not lose sight of that, but ways to do it smarter and more economical using technology and innovation.”

Shannon White, COO, Ensemble

1) Data + Interoperability

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Rethink Your Technology Approach – 5 Areas for Action 

Leveraging data to improve operations, patient experience and outcomes is vital in an agile and innovative ecosystem.

How are you using your data to improve the patient experience, prevent and manage chronic conditions and identify new growth and cost-savings opportunities?   

Impactful interoperability includes coordinating efforts across the care continuum within a health system. A successful interoperability approach results include lowering costs and improving patient outcomes.

How is your organization building a culture of interoperability excellence?   

2) Patient Experience + Access

Patient experience and access is more than caring for the head in the bed or filling out forms. It’s about making it easy at each touch point for people to connect with your healthcare organization and get the care needed while meeting them where they are, e.g., telehealth.

How are you holistically improving patient experience and increasing access?

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3) Digital

Digital transformation is not just making analog things digital. Operations must adapt and find new ways to use digital technology enabling people to operate at the top of their license and/or area of expertise and creating a seamless and impactful patient experience. Transformation must be modular, configurable and impactful throughout the entire healthcare organization and for your patient population and community.

How are you using digital technology to innovatively impact your operations and your patient experience?   

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4) Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity or cyber should be an enabler of transformation, not a barrier. Cyber includes risk assessment, management and mitigation. 

Data breaches can negatively affect your reputation with consumers. Cyber is the next consumer decision point. Patients will start making care decisions based on who has the least cyber risk asking themselves where their data is safest.

Complexity in healthcare makes cyber and IT very difficult. Simplification is key. Keep cyber on the front burner and make it a part of your overall strategy by involving a cyber team at the beginning of any innovation initiative and to ensure there’s buy-in from key stakeholders.

How are you leveraging a cyber team to support your technology and innovation initiatives?

5) Price Transparency

Healthcare price transparency can be your ally. Patients are becoming savvier healthcare consumers and want to know what they will owe. Create a culture of transparency and easy-to-ready statements to support consumerism and avoid billing surprises.

How does your price transparency initiatives support and improve the patient experience and consumerism?

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Ensure you and your RCM partner are on the same page to support your overall strategy and commitment to technology and innovation.

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