Revenue Cycle Management


Focus on patients, not payments.

We optimize revenue cycle operations for health systems — from patient engagement and intake through revenue collection.

Deliver exceptional care, improve patient outcomes and support community wellness.

We’ll do the rest, so you can focus on what you do best. 

What is revenue cycle management?

From patient intake through revenue collection, revenue cycle management (RCM) spans the entire lifecycle of a medical claim. It includes the mission-critical processes healthcare providers use to identify, manage and collect revenue from patients, insurance companies and other payors. 


Increasing complexity of healthcare payment ecosystem.

Evolving dynamics between payors + providers

Rising consumer expectations + patient responsibility

Growing need for tools to efficiently manage + optimize RCM functions

What RCM challenges are providers facing?

Now, perhaps more than ever, health systems face enormous operational and financial pressures. Increasing reimbursement complexity, rate pressure, rising costs and fragmented revenue cycle technologies and services make effective RCM a critical to the bottom line.

How can we help?

We believe the best results come from a combination of skilled and experienced operators, proven and repeatable processes, and modern and flexible technologies. 

Sustainable improvements in financial performance driven by increased net patient revenue and operating margins and accelerated cash flow

Higher patient satisfaction thanks to a streamlined registration and billing experience

Increased physician + staff satisfaction as a result of relief from administrative burdens

Scalable solutions




Find the gaps.

Build the plan.

Acute Revenue Cycle

Physician Revenue Cycle

Patient Experience

Epic Readiness + Optimization



Target the pain points.

See immediate ROI.

Physician Services

Recovery + Collections

Epic Readiness + Optimization



Reach pinnacle


Pre-Arrival Services

Patient Access

HIM + Revenue Integrity

Billing + Collections

Revenue Optimization + Recovery

"We've experienced dramatically improved performance in every capacity and in every facility that you would expect to see."

John Starcher, President + CEO, Bon Secours Mercy Health