Patient Access


Increase patient engagement. Prevent downstream denials.

Modernize patient access

Improve access and communication at every step of the healthcare journey with more digital touch points. 

First impressions matter.

Give patients the digital consumer experience they expect by making things easy from the start.


Reach every patient with a high-tech, high-touch experience

Simplify, integrate and automate provider-patient communications with personalized, interactive, digital touch points from point of initial contact.

Go beyond the portal to reach every patient when, where and how they prefer to engage with automated, actionable notifications sent via two-way texts, emails or voice calls 

54% decrease in no shows thanks to interactive, mobile-based appointment reminders and confirmations

Augment existing workflows and fill the gaps with tools that automate and streamline manual tasks for acquisition, access, payment, retention and population health.

25k+ labor hours saved by automating appointment-related manual tasks

Facilitate an on-demand, self-service experience with A.I.-driven chat bots and front-desk texting capabilities.

450k+ automated patient interactions annually

Make text-first strategy part of your digital consumer experience

Maximizing convenience and value is now mission critical to compete. Find out how to make a text-first strategy part of your digital consumer experience.


Deliver a seamless experience from the start

Collect patient information early and conveniently with precision that prevents errors downstream and streamlines the patient’s overall experience.

Automated appointment scheduling, text-based appointment reminders and self-rescheduling followed by accurate patient information collection, medical necessity check and order management

<3% no-show rate: 2% better than industry best practice

Patient contact prior to service to review demographic information, current estimated liability, and past due amounts as well as collect payment over the phone, create a payment plan, and/or coordinate financial assistance

25% increase in pre-registration performance

Real-time eligibility and authorization verification to determine the appropriate level of benefit coverage and authorization needed

20% improvement in appointment authorization prior to time of service

Operator Insights: Patient experience

Susan Milligan talks about what patient experience is, the importance of EVERY interaction with a patient and figuring out how to improve patient experience


Streamline intake for patients + staff

Efficiently and accurately register patients, verify information, provide financial counseling and collect patient liability pre-service to avoid denials and prevent missed revenue from bad debt write-offs.

Patient-friendly interviews to collect accurate information for proper billing and support for patients to understand and out-of-pocket liability and financial responsibility

1.5M+ patients registered annually

Screening for Medicaid and other coverage qualifiers at the point of care, application and documentation assistance and follow-up to reduce self-pay and bad debt expense

12% average increase in self-pay conversion rate

Financial counselors coordinate patient payments plans and/or provide financial assistance options

140% increase in pre-service collections as a % of net revenue in the first year of partnership

Dedicated patient experience leader and ongoing assessment and education for full facility

10% average improvement in outpatient satisfaction top box scores

Expert Guide: Enhance point-of-service collections without sacrificing patient experience

As care delivery options increase and patients become more selective, considering the patient experience across all touch points in the care continuum, not just clinical, is increasingly more important.


“Ensemble has exceeded the projections of our engagement with them and continue to do so. They bring a commitment to their customers at all levels.”

– Jeff Graham, CEO | Adena Health