We are Ensemble. Redefining the possible in healthcare by empowering people to be the difference.

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We adapt emerging technologies to practical uses — cutting through tech hype to deliver concrete solutions that bring maximum impact to providers’ bottom line.

Our power in numbers

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Our principles

Here at Ensemble, people are our #1 asset. We can and will win because of you, and because of the partnership we have with our clients. We are all in this together. Our clients are not just our customers. Our clients are each other. Service to your customer in the next cubicle is just as important as serving our clients. Putting people first, last and always is the only way to truly make a difference.

A team is only a team if everyone is working together toward a common goal. Just one team member going in the opposite direction disrupts the entire team. The definition of an ensemble is “a group producing a single effect” and “emphasizing the roles of all performers as a whole rather than a star performance.” Even our name says we’re all in this together.

Success at Ensemble is everyone’s job. From top to bottom, we all have a voice, and we all play a part in our company’s collective success. Every day, there will be countless opportunities to truly make a difference that won’t be found in your ‘job description.’

Expanding your skillset is not only good for you — it helps the entire team. Ask yourself everyday: “What can I do to become more valuable by the end of the day than I was at the beginning?” We want to develop you, encourage you, and help you become the best possible version of you, personally and professionally.

The difference between being good and being great is never settling for the status quo. The bar keeps moving, and great companies keep moving the bar themselves. We must keep innovating. We must embrace change. And we must continue to deliver the results our clients expect of us and that we expect from each other.

Industry recognition

We're regularly recognized for our highly skilled team, unmatched commitment to client service and industry-leading performance.

Our secret sauce

We believe in empowering people to be the difference.

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