Revenue Collection


Accelerate cash collections. Avoid missed revenue.

Collect confidently

Avoid delayed revenue by ensuring timely, accurate and efficient claim submission and account resolution.

Timeliness + accuracy matter.

More efficiency means less manual intervention and faster reimbursement.

Billing + Collections

Avoid delayed revenue with timely, accurate reimbursement

Eliminate siloes and inefficient processes that delay reimbursement and hide root cause issues.

Reduce discharged not final billed (DNFB) days with consolidated visibility and management of unbilled edits from all departments.

Billing edit and rejection resolution within 24 hours

Automated credit balance resolution across all payers spanning all financial classes

12,000+ credit balances resolved per day

Improve clean claim rate with effective clearinghouse management, recurring edit review, and host system optimization to prevent clearinghouse edits and manual resolution by focusing on upstream intervention.

15M claims processed annually

Machine learning technology across millions of accounts builds and refines logic to automate claim statusing, workflow routing, denials prevention and appeals, and account escalation

100% average cash-to-net revenue year to date

Customer service center, digital-first patient payment options for early out collections, coverage discovery and public benefits assistance driven by scalable technology and centered on excellent patient experience

100% of self-pay accounts automatically audited for coverage discovery

Oversight, accountability and management of bad debt vendors to ensure 501r compliance, manage performance, and support patient experience

Operator Insights: Unbilled management

Learn about a new concept in revenue cycle: comprehensive unbilled management. Go beyond the common siloed approach of managing discharged not final billed (DNFB).

Revenue Optimization + Recovery

Overturn payment discrepancies with exhaustive review, appeal and recovery

Leveraging a client base of more than 400 hospitals, our specialized revenue recovery teams escalate and resolve payer issues in bulk, increasing success and overturn rate.

Automatic identification and prioritization of underpayments

0.8% average net revenue improvement

Identification and resolution of root cause issues and automatic appeal generation

38% average increase in client recovery rate

Clinical and complex claim resolution + automatic payor trending and policy updates

>50k payor sites monitored via RPA

Operator Insights: Revenue recovery

Learn the value of finding evidence of revenue leaks and losses throughout your revenue cycle and implementing best practices to recover that revenue.


“Ensemble proved their commitment to success when they immediately added needed hands-on resources upon their startup with our organization. …We are pleased with the direction we are headed, and achieving a highly consistent and solid revenue cycle operation, which perpetuates our future mission to our community.”

– John R. “Jack” Janoso, Jr. |  President + CFO, Fairfield Medical Center