Microsoft Partners with Ensemble Health Partners’ Revenue Cycle Intelligence Platform to Accelerate Advanced AI Capabilities for Healthcare Providers

Ensemble’s decisioning, automation and artificial intelligence engine, EIQ®, leverages Microsoft Generative AI through Azure Machine Learning at scale to streamline revenue cycle operations and reduce administrative cost for healthcare organizations.

Cincinnati, Ohio (April 23, 2024) – Ensemble Health Partners (Ensemble), the market leader in end-to-end revenue cycle outsourcing for mid-sized to large healthcare organizations, announced an expanded partnership with Microsoft to accelerate continued innovation of EIQ®, Ensemble’s proprietary revenue cycle intelligence platform. EIQ leverages Microsoft Azure generative AI and ML to support automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and generative AI across the entire revenue cycle.

Ensemble has invested more than $100 million and 2 million development hours over the past decade to build and refine EIQ, gaining eight U.S. patents for innovative process automation and data exchange capabilities. EIQ is an intelligence engine that aggregates and harmonizes more than 800 terabytes of data from hundreds of disparate systems. Insights from EIQ are infused directly into each healthcare organization’s electronic health record (EHR) to automate work, guide operator actions, and ensure the EHR remains the source of truth. Ensemble’s EHR-first approach ensures that the EHR’s functionality is maximized while bringing the scale of data and AI through EIQ .

“Each day, our operators work with an AI-optimized infrastructure that harnesses the richest data set in the industry to drive consistent, optimal outcomes our clients can rely on,” said Ensemble’s Chief Technology Officer Grant Veazey. “Our models are informed by thousands of variables and consume billions of transactions. The greater the volume and variety of data, the more complete and valuable models become – providing better and faster insights at the point of decision. Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to deploy hundreds of generative AI models quickly and safely to the millions of healthcare transaction we process daily.”

Ensemble’s approach to innovation involves pairing expert operators with engineers and data scientists to codify best practices, fine-tune models, rapidly test new capabilities like generative AI and seamlessly infuse enhancements directly into operator workflows.

“We firmly believe that our people are the best in the business. Our combination of operational expertise, proven best practices, engaged associates and data-driven insights allows us to deliver exceptional performance for our clients year after year, which is validated by our four-time designation as Best in KLAS for full revenue cycle outsourcing and dozens of HFMA MAP awards for revenue cycle performance on behalf of our clients,” said Shannon White, Ensemble’s Chief Operating Officer.

In 2023, Ensemble prevented more than $200 million in lost revenue for clients through its AI-infused decisioning engine and expert-guided operations. The firm’s top generative AI priorities are improving the speed and efficiency of denial resolution, including generating tailored appeal letters in seconds, as well as accelerating cash collections and improving overall yield with dynamic account prioritization, routing and automation.

This announcement comes on the heels of several other recent accomplishments for the firm, including its partnership with Epic in the newly launched Epic Rev Cycle Partners program, its fourth year being ranked #1 in KLAS for end-to-end revenue cycle outsourcing by healthcare executives and its selection by Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Beebe Healthcare and Tower Health as their strategic revenue cycle managed services partner. These accomplishments are a testament to Ensemble’s position as the leading RCM firm in the industry, underscoring its ability to operate consistently high-performing revenue cycle operations, meet or exceed client expectations, and enable healthcare organizations to deliver exceptional care in their communities.

Ensemble manages $32 billion in annual net patient revenue, partnering with more unique health systems than any other firm to improve revenue cycle performance through end-to-end managed services. Ensemble focuses on delivering value quickly and sustaining high performance, meeting 100% of year-one client goals, exceeding 102% of year-one cash collections and delivering 5% average net revenue improvement each year across clients.

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Ensemble Health Partners is a full-service revenue cycle management company, delivering holistic financial health for hundreds of healthcare organizations across the country. Through a combination of 10,000+ certified revenue cycle operators, data-rich intelligence and AI-infused decisioning, Ensemble helps healthcare organizations sustain best-practice revenue cycle operations and maximize their current technology, so providers can focus on delivering exceptional care in their communities. For more information, visit