Devdatta Halbe

SVP, Engineering

Devdatta is the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Ensemble Health Partners. He holds a strategic role in the organization and will establish the product development roadmap that addresses both the commercial aspirations of the business and the needs for technical maintenance and enhancements.

Before joining Ensemble, Devdatta served as the Vice President of Product Engineering at United Health Group. In this role, he spearheaded the development and pricing strategies for patient care engineering, overseeing the creation of web and mobile digital experiences for a vast user base of 50 million UHC members. He played a pivotal role in leading transformation initiatives for UHC’s Provider Digital Experience, collaborating closely with the Chief Digital Product Officer, CIOs and CTOs. These collaborative efforts resulted in a significant enhancement of digital channels, streamlining overall experiences and elevating the NPS (Net Promoter Score) of providers by 80 points.

Devdatta earned two masters degrees one in Mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology and the other in Computer Science from the Indian Statistical Institute.

You can connect with Davdatta on LinkedIn here.