Facility Patient Access

Full Revenue Cycle Outsourcing

Facility Patient Access


Average Improvement of First-Year POS Collection Dollars.

Our Facility Patient Access Services Provide

Patient registration


Collection of patient demographic and insurance information at time of service.

Time of up-front cash collections

Time of Service Collections

Identification and collection of copays or out-of-pocket responsibility at time of service.

Financial counseling

Financial Counseling

Patient support provided at the bedside or just a phone call away. Our financial counselors help patients navigate the payment option that’s best for them.

Managing and identifying financial apps

Eligibility Benefit Management

Real-time help when your patients need it most. We help patients identify coverage sources, apply for financial assistance, work with local programs, and find funding as they qualify.  

Patient Experience

High revenue cycle performance meets exceptional patient experience. Our dedicated focus to patient experience enables our teams to engage in a way that’s customer-centric.

The Ensemble Difference

Emphasis on continuous training

Technology continuance and enhancement
Consistent outperformance of national insource and outsource PA benchmarks
Success in balancing patient experience with financial performance

Proprietary PA denials prevention models

Industry-leading financial outcomes