Epic Elite Operators Guide to Optimization & Conversion

Are you considering Epic conversion or optimization?

You’re not alone.

In the 2018-2019 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings, all of the top 20 institutions are using Epic, and over half of recent HFMA Map winners use Epic.

Before you get started! 

You should understand that Epic conversions or optimizations are projects of great magnitude.

Because of the tremendous undertaking involved, it is important to evaluate if your organization has the bandwidth to devote to an optimization or conversion project.

Do you have the necessary staff to devote to optimization?

And more importantly – do you have the expertise? 

If the answer to either question is no, you should consider partnering with an organization that has Epic optimization and conversion expertise is vital to ensure a successful project outcome. 

We can help. Because our solutions are born
from experience, not theory.

Solutions born from experience, not theory.

Ensemble’s experts have completed over 20 Epic conversions. Our team completed 31 optimization projects in 2018 alone, with an ROI impact of $16M.

What Makes Ensemble Different?

  • We’ve done Epic conversions and we’ve completed optimization projects. We’ve been in your shoes, and we’re always pushing the envelope to find new and better ways.
  • Ensemble’s technical expertise bridges the gap between the technical revenue cycle side and the IT side.
  • Most importantly, because we are operators, we know the potential for disruption in operations when undertaking projects of this magnitude. That’s why we’ve developed a playbook and known practices that have been proven to deliver results
    – quickly – with minimal disruption to your operations.

Our Results

Average back to baseline revenue:

10 Days Ensemble Average 24.5 Days Epic Best Known Practices

Average back to baseline weeks of payment variance:

90 Days Ensemble Average 203 Days Epic Best Know Practices

Case Study: Epic Conversion – (4 Hospital System in Ohio)

  • Increased net revenue by $41,358,277.73 post Epic go-live through documentation-based charge capture and revenue education $3,326,706.76 reduction in net AR over a 3-month time period through workflow and system efficiencies
  • $5,100,000 net benefit from chargemaster configuration initiatives
  • Cash flow normalization in half the time of Epic average
  • Return to baseline gross revenue within 4 days

Client Testimonials

If you want to make yourself, and your team, look good, engage with Ensemble Health Partners. It’s as simple as that. They’re going to deliver on what they tell you they’re going to deliver on. It’ll be transparent to your patients
and there will be no disruption to those that you serve in your communities. We’ve experienced dramatically improved performance in every facility and every capacity that you would expect to see.

John Starcher,
President and CEO,
Mercy Health


Our partnership with Ensemble on our Epic project was absolutely worth the investment. They brought exceptional operational expertise and integrated seamlessly into our organization

Jim Albin

Ensemble’s Epic optimization team are a great partner to enhance our Epic build and operational workflows. They are thorough and completed the project with minimal to no disruption to operations. Their process and engagement to work collectively
to quickly respond to needs allowed us to return back to and exceeding baseline – much quicker than expected!

Kelly Recker,
Mercy Health

Epic Optimization and Conversion Tips & Tricks!

Go ahead and wave goodbye to legacy systems
and custom builds. Throw them away for good.

A surefire way to a negative project outcome is to cling to the legacy systems currently in place, or to try to bolt on custom builds to connect systems in Epic. Instead, embrace the way that data moves through Epic. The system is built to connect
your organization and your revenue cycle to maximize revenue and your bottom line. Custom builds and legacy bolt-ons add unnecessary complexity.

Take advantage of your go-live to tune up any
issues that may exist between the clinical
world and the financial world.

During go-live, you have the opportunity to re-evaluate charge capture and methodology. When the Ensemble team undertakes an optimization project, we stand up revenue capture committees comprised of clinical and
financial leaders to safeguard the revenue during a system conversion.

The future is here – embrace change!

Epic does a great job of getting accounts to the right person or the right department. This may necessitate changes and shifts in roles for you and your revenue cycle team. Embrace change – and the complexity and culture shock that comes
with it.

Invest in staff education. Buy-in from key
leadership members is a great way to ensure
your implementation goes smoothly.

Investing in Epic education for your leadership team helps keep these individuals informed and helps the implementation team make informed decisions based on their feedback during the design phase pre- and post go-live.

Ensure rigorous planning for cutover and
process changes.

Plan to have a tremendous amount of rigor around your cutover and revenue management processes to ensure consistent revenue capture. After go-live, expect to allocate resources to different areas of the revenue cycle than they were previously
allocated. For example: You will most likely want to have a structured interdepartmental DNFB management procedure and process in place.