Ensemble Health Partners Receives Highest Performance Score in KLAS End-to-End Revenue Cycle Outsourcing 2023 Performance Report 

Ensemble’s performance validates its continued commitment to ensuring the financial health of providers and improving patient experiences

Cincinnati, Ohio,  Sept. 21, 2023Ensemble Health Partners (“Ensemble”), the leading revenue cycle management company for hospitals, health systems and physician practices, received the top score for overall performance among end-to-end revenue cycle outsourcing vendors in KLAS Research’s End-to-End Revenue Cycle Outsourcing (“RCO”) 2023 Performance Report.  

Ensemble received a performance score of 92.9, the highest score among its peer set while also leading in new business contracts over the last two years. Additionally, 100% of respondents indicated that they would choose Ensemble again and when assessing vendors for their strategic capabilities and ability to drive tangible outcomes, Ensemble once again stood out among its peers. 

Respondents commented that Ensemble executives are actively engaged in providing critical guidance and helping to solve problems upstream, that “Ensemble positively impacts not only their organization’s bottom line but also their internal culture” and that they are more likely to recommend Ensemble than any other revenue cycle management firm. 

“We are dedicated to continuing to provide exceptional results that drive client satisfaction and performance excellence, and this recognition reinforces that mission,” said Judson Ivy, President, Founder and CEO of Ensemble. “We are constantly looking for ways to help our clients maximize the value of every patient encounter by eliminating friction, removing barriers and uncovering opportunities for improvement. Our hands-on approach helps health systems forge a healthier path forward so they can reinvest into patient care and their communities.” 

Ensemble partners with more unique health systems than any other firm to deliver holistic financial health solutions through end-to-end managed services partnerships. The company helps providers maximize their current technology and deploys industry-leading solutions to meet the unique needs of their systems and patients. Ensemble has been repeatedly ranked number one by various industry organizations for its proven ability to deliver exceptional service and performance at scale. 

“Our clients’ sentiments in this report and other recent recognitions reinforce the positive impact that Ensemble has not only on their organizations’ bottom lines, but also their internal culture,” said Shannon White, Ensemble’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are incredibly proud of our passionate and dedicated teams that work together to deliver excellent results for our clients.” 

“Ensemble gives us an outstanding partnership,” said one health system CEO in the report. “They have unbelievable responsiveness and service, and they offer cutting-edge support and technology solutions. They do more than any other revenue cycle company I have ever worked with in terms of helping us solve problems upstream. They are not just doing their job on the back end, they are really trying to work collaboratively with our operators to understand and address issues that are outside of their realm because of how well they understand the business. I can’t say enough good things about the firm. They have my full endorsement.” 

This report examines the performance of end-to-end RCO firms, reasons provider organizations outsource their revenue, why they chose the firm they did and the models and approaches of these firms. Data was collected by both KLAS’ standard quantitative evaluation for healthcare services over the last 12 months and a supplemental evaluation taken by organizations who made net-new end-to-end RCO partnerships over the last 24 months. Feedback from provider organizations and provider executives was collected over the last 12 months to determine overall performance scores.  

KLAS is a research and insights firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data and insights on software, services and medical equipment to deliver timely, actionable reports and consulting services. KLAS represents the provider and payer voice and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance, highlighting healthcare industry challenges and opportunities, and helping build understanding and consensus for best practices.  

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About Ensemble Health Partners 

Ensemble Health Partners is a full-service revenue cycle management company, delivering holistic financial health for more than 250 healthcare providers across the country. With a complete platform of services, technology, business intelligence and analytics, Ensemble manages the entire revenue cycle so providers can focus on delivering exceptional care in their communities.