Ensemble Health Partners received the National Association of Healthcare Access Management’s (NAHAM) Doris E. Gleason Publications Award

The Access Management Journal article, “Instilling Resiliency in Your Staff and Addressing Pandemic Burnout” by Margot Barron and Erin Hancock received the Publications Award.  

The authors highlight the impact of COVID-19 on associates and the steps you can take to help them, including developing resilience and providing resilience factors. 

They also describe impacts of resilience in the workplace, how emotional resilience works, and how it supports growth and development. Seven steps to build resilience are also outlined, including: 

  1. Pay attention to your health. 
  1. Practice self-awareness. 
  1. Reframe threats as challenges. 
  1. Learn some relaxation techniques. 
  1. Develop your strengths. 
  1. Be able to adjust and be mentally flexible. 
  1. Focus on developing social connections.