Ensemble Health Partners Awarded Eighth U.S. Patent for Latest Innovative Technology

Customizing Workflow Automation for Healthcare Providers 

Cincinnati, Ohio (July 14, 2022) – Ensemble Health Partners (“Ensemble” or “the Company”), the industry leader in revenue cycle management, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Ensemble its eighth patent for its innovative revenue cycle management technology. The latest patented technology customizes modular workflows for the processing of database records and greatly reduces the time to market for new workflow automation.

“This latest innovation from our team is another example of how we’re delivering technology-first processes with people-first service to drive financial performance improvement for hospitals and health systems. We’re customizing our technology to the needs of different healthcare providers so they can elevate the quality of every patient interaction and maximize the value of every operational transaction,” said Ensemble Founder, President and CEO Judson Ivy. 

The latest patented technology enables Ensemble to maximize workflow automation and optimization by reducing the time to develop and deploy new workflow automation significantly. By deploying and combining independent and interchangeable workflow modules, Ensemble can rapidly close hospital and health system automation gaps and insert artificial intelligence into the workflow process. 

Ensemble was awarded its first of eight U.S. patents in early 2021 and currently has five additional patents pending for technological innovations across the Ensemble IQ (“EIQ®”) revenue cycle management platform. EIQ® is a cloud-based, analytics-driven revenue cycle operating platform that enables a highly efficient workflow automation and business intelligence to drive efficiency and yield. 

“We’re rethinking revenue cycle and continuing to innovate technology that eliminates barriers, reduces friction and streamlines processes for healthcare providers,” said Ensemble EVP and Chief Technology Officer Grant Veazey. “Ensemble is committed to investing in the latest innovative technology, developing and deploying new capabilities across the EIQ® platform and using technology as the catalyst to rethink revenue cycle.” 

“We will continue to enhance our machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to make the most out of aggregate data across hundreds of health systems to provide our clients with true revenue cycle intelligence,” said Ensemble Chief Innovation Officer Pieter Schouten. “Our technology suite will continue to grow with the addition of our new Innovation Center, where we are pioneering new ideas and developing even more solutions to drive incremental value for healthcare providers.” 

Ensemble partners with more than 300 hospitals across the U.S. to improve financial outcomes and patient experiences by bringing effectiveness, efficiency and clarity to the revenue cycle. Ensemble deploys patented technology combined with more than 1,200 documented best practices across the entire revenue cycle, from patient engagement to account resolution, to drive an average net revenue lift of five percent for full outsourcing clients.

To learn more about Ensemble, visit EnsembleHP.com.

About Ensemble Ensemble Health Partners is a leading provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management solutions for health systems, including hospitals and affiliated physician groups. They offer end-to-end revenue cycle outsourcing, patented technology, targeted revenue cycle management solutions to clients across the country.