“One Mission, One Team:” Tips for Leading a Resilient Healthcare Workforce

Tips for Leading a Resilient Healthcare Workforce

Workforce shortages due to COVID-19 and “The Great Resignation” are forcing many organizations to their knees. With more than a dozen hospitals across the country announcing in recent days the need to halt procedures or close entirely, the healthcare industry is finding itself in a state of crisis. We’ve put together six steps to help treat the cause, not the symptoms, when it comes to the operational side-effects of the pandemic.

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4 Tips for Curbing COVID-19 Fatigue

Graphic: Tips for curbing COVID-19 fatigue

There are those people who appear to carry on despite challenges or difficult conditions. What is their secret? Chances are, it’s empathy. Or more specifically, they are tapped into the stress-relieving powers of compassionate empathy.

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COVID-19: Vaccine and Treatment Billing Guide Under Medicare

Over the last several weeks, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved, or is in the process of approving, Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to Pfizer, Moderna, Eli Lilly and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals for their COVID-19 Vaccines or Infusion Treatments.

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COVID-19 and Sepsis: Demystifying Denials during the Pandemic

Unfortunately, sepsis is a common condition found in many hospitalized patients. It’s also a known complication of COVID-19, causing death in many patients during the pandemic. Yet despite its prevalence and morbidity, hospitals are facing a surprising number of denials for sepsis care.

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Avoiding Denials During COVID-19

There is no doubt that hospitals and health systems are suffering financially amid the burden of COVID-19. Patient volumes are down, and already slim operating margins have shrunk, while labor, supply and medical equipment expenses continue to grow.

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