We developed our Compliance Program to provide guidelines, education, and tools to help all of us meet our commitment to fulfill our ethical, professional, and legal obligations and to foster a culture that enables others who work with us to do the same. The Compliance Program helps us better understand and obey health care laws and rules and provides a means for Associates to ask questions and report concerns, even anonymously. It also enables each of us to put our Core Values — The Ensemble Difference — into action.


We have hired a team of experienced compliance professionals with over 50 years of combined HIPAA, revenue cycle, and general compliance experience working for and with hospital systems, physician practices, and revenue cycle organizations.

Our compliance team works closely with leaders from all functional areas of the company to develop, implement, and continuously enhance our Compliance Program so it is integrated into the daily job responsibilities of all Associates – so it becomes part of our DNA!

My philosophy is simple…ethics and honesty are important and these traits shall be integrated into the day to day lives of all Ensemble associates.

Every associate on our team is expected to follow a set of principles that we call the Ensemble difference. These principles help our associates to not only understand what we expect as an employer, but also what kind of behavior to expect from our leadership team in support of their role.

We are committed to conducting business activities in full compliance with all applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations. Our commitment extends to payor requirements with an emphasis on preventing fraud and abuse.

Judson Ivy, Founder & CEO | Ensemble Health Partners


Reporting Concerns and Seeking Guidance

At Ensemble, each of us has a duty to speak up to ensure that Ensemble remains a model of responsible and ethical practices. At the same time, we recognize that it is not always easy or comfortable to talk about suspected misconduct. Consequently, we have contracted with an independent outside entity to operate a toll-free Compliance Hotline and Web-Based Portal that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide Associates with a mechanism to report, anonymously if desired, suspected violations of Ensemble’s Compliance Program.

Compliance Hotline Phone Number

Report a Compliance Concern Online

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