Free Becker’s Webinar: Revenue Cycle Outsourcing Done Right

Tuesday, July 26
12-1 p.m. CT
Shana Tate, SVP Revenue Cycle

In this webinar, you’ll get a “behind-the-scenes” peek into how rural Appalachia’s top employer successfully leveraged revenue cycle outsourcing as a new beginning, not a means to an end.

In 2020, a Southeastern hospital was facing financial pressure and significant resource constraints exacerbated during the pandemic. They needed a partner who listened to their needs and aligned with their mission to make healthcare more accessible to their vulnerable population.

Former hospital-insider-turned-revenue-cycle-partner Shana Tate will share how — with the right partnership and a combination of technology, process refinements and an expanded workforce — the hospital was able to realize a 12 percent annual revenue lift in just one year.

Key learning points:

  • Overview of the outsourcing decision process and how to find the right partner for your organization and patient needs
  • Tips for successful transitioning and onboarding
  • Compare revenue cycle outsourcing myths vs. truths

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